Part 3: Weaving Trip's with Martha Younkin / by Elizabeth Derstine

In this part of my second trip with Martha I learned about processing Elm bark. However, I haven't woven with the bark yet. Part of my trade for her teaching me was her getting most of the bark from this tree; so next till next time for getting enough to weave with.

Here we are striping Elm bark of it's outer layer. The hardest part is not digging to deep into the inner part of the bark. Learning how to feel which is which takes a little bit of time, especially depending on on your previous training.  My husband joined us  for the weekend and helped work on this tree and found it to be big challenge. Luckily he captured great photos of us working!

Again, we used the hook knife to cut down the tree, although we forced it to stay straighter then we had with the Cedar bark. 

With pulling up the bark it was a lot thicker and easier in some ways but it did have little pricks to watch out for!